Arctic Rose

Book cover to the Arctic RoseThis book has a fun, lighthearted storyline with a hint of romance. 

The unlikely heroes are a group of young people who come up with the plot of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, namely themselves. The main characters, a young Hawaiian couple in love with dreams of making it big, are supported by a cast of misfits, ranging from drug smugglers to diamond dealers.

The scenery will take you from the frozen tundra of Alaska to the south seas of Hawaii and Tahiti on sailboats, submarines, and ocean liners.

Although the plot is entirely fictional, I include factual information about the unscrupulous dealings of the diamond industry in Alaska and most recent developments in artificial and natural diamond production.

The story has a happy ending and leaves room for a sequel, which I am working on – Lea and Jacob's next adventure, the gold rush in Alaska! If you want to read more about Lea, Jacob, and their friends, I will soon have more!

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