Sunday, April 1, 2012

Richard's Books and UFO sightings in Hawaii

To all my friends, fans, and family - this blog features my books and other interests.

I added a tab section to the top of the blog (right below the cross-picture) to where you can quickly move around to my various books and a blog entry about my interest in UFOs and other mysterious events, especially if they occurred in the Hawaiian Islands.

You can leave me comments if they pertain to a particular book under the book specific tab.  Or, if you have interesting information you would like to share about mysterious events/UFO experiences, please post them under the UFO tab.

You can of course always contact/email me personally at if you would rather send your information privately.

If you would like to return to my website or visit it, please click this link:

Updated Blogger Site

Hi Everyone,

I am adding this post to let all of you know that I have a new blogger site that is now showing tabs for each of my books and a new tab for UFO sittings and other mysterious events in Hawaii.

Come check it out!